The Precious Pearl Foundation was created to raise public awareness on the state of civility, and social decorum, we believe will have significant interpersonal ramifications in the lives of our children who are part of a very important yet undeserved segment of our population—they are the socially and economically disadvantaged .  We want to contribute positive affirmations, self esteem awareness, social education, and the social and intellectual growth of today’s youth.  Our youth are a very important segment of our population in the ways of good manners and proper social decorum; skills they will need to be effective social contributors in an increasingly demanding and diverse society.

   We have initiatives to educate and empower our youth, by providing them with a unique skill set, that is still very important and vital to success even in today’s society. We strongly believe that your economic situation should not prevent a Precious Pearl from exploring a world that may be out of reach. We are teaching our Pearls to be empowered by their femininity and to empower them to be poised, intelligent, and graceful young women who know and show their worth.

Precious Pearl Initiative
We provide self esteem building, positive affirmation, life skills and education for young ladies in socioeconomic situation that prevent them have access to essential social education and/or etiquette training.

We offer scholarship opportunities to assist young ladies with college care package and/or funds to help young ladies in need. (must be an active participant in Lady Pearl School of Etiquette and/or Precious Pearl Foundation) .

We facilitate college tours for young ladies who are apart of Lady Pearl School of Etiquette and/or Precious Pearl Foundation .

Ask us how your group, companies and individuals can partner with us; to help young ladies be the best “THEM” they can be. We specialize in the 1st Impression.

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